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Cherry Spencer

South Lanarkshire, and distance work worldwide.

I discovered Shamanism in 2006 after completing a homeopathy course and I began working with Paul Francis initially exploring homeopathic prescribing and during this course we did some shamanic journeys. As soon as I heard the word ‘shamanic’ I was hooked and wanted to study with Paul, in much more detail, this profound and often life changing healing system. So in 2010 I began attending introductory shamanic workshops and in 2014 I qualified as a Shamanic Practitioner and have been working with clients since then in conjunction with my homeopathic practice.

I am still studying with Paul, exploring advanced shamanic practice combined with psychotherapy techniques as a way of releasing years of held grief, anger and other difficult emotions which may have been held onto since childhood and which often result in feelings of dis-ease and anxiety.

I also work as an artist, having trained as a fine artist from 1983 to 1986 and the art I produce now has been predominantly informed by my shamanic experiences, and so in my practice I offer homeopathy, shamanic healing and shamanic sessions for those wanting to explore issues using visual art and/or the written word.

Costs: Homeopathy £40 per 1 hour session; Shamanism £80 for initial 2 hour session, subsequent 1 hour sessions £40; Shamanic art session £80 for 2 hour session.

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Telephone: 07762 831573 Email: