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Dan Khan

Manchester UK, and distance work worldwide.

I've been fortunate to learn about shamanism in a grounded, nurturing and ethical way with Paul Francis and the Three Ravens college. I've found that, through all the different ways I've tried to connect or heal myself or see the world, shamanism is the only one I want to engage with now.

I feel it's a way of being rather than a belief system. For me, it promotes being in equilibrium with my surroundings, healing internally and externally, and raising awareness. It's awesome!

I have felt and seen how loss, trauma and shame can lead to damage and harm in people. I've experienced this on a personal level, and a professional level too (I'm an ex mental health social worker). I must stress that I'm not a "shaman", but a shamanic practitioner. I cannot promise "a magical experience" or that I can "cure you”. What happens is determined by my shamanic guides. My aim is to help people connect with their deeper selves, their sources of power and the more-than-self, in a safe client focused environment.

What I love about shamanism is that it connects me to nature. It is deconstructing and constructing in the same breath. It feels natural and not set of rules to judge yourself by, but a way of just being. I've felt it work in myself and seen it work for people and this is why I believe in it, because I feel it.

I'm based in Chorlton, South Manchester. I can offer face-to-face, Skype or telephone work. Sessions are 90 mins with the client, and 30 mins prep work that I do before the session. For this, I charge between £50-£80, dependent on income.

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