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Paul Francis

Llandudno, North Wales, and distance work worldwide.

I am the founder of The Three Raven’s college and of Therapeutic Shamanism. I have been a practitioner of one type or another (counsellor, psychotherapist, herbalist, polarity therapist and shamanic practitioner) for nearly 30  years now, as well as a supervisor and teacher. I set the up the college explore the relationship between shamanism and psychotherapy, and to develop a modern, psychotherapeutically aware and ethical style of shamanism suitable for the times we live in now.

As well as my shamanic 1-1 work and teaching, I am currently writing a series of books on shamanism and on exploring the links between shamanism and psychotherapy. I live in North Wales with my partner Cat, and our cat Pan.

Please note - at the moment I am not taking people on for any 1-1 shamanic work, in order to concentrate on teaching, and on writing a series of books about Therapeutic Shamanism. The first book The Shamanic Journey: a Practical Guide to Therapeutic Shamanism is out now.